How to program Omron Plcs ? What is Omron Plc Programming ? How to learn Omron Plc Programming Professionally ? How to use Sysmac Studio software ? How to use CX-Programmer ?

Omron Plc Programming – All In One course is second course in Udemy as Derstagram Akademi.

Let’s check which subjects that we are going to learn in this course.


First off all , you are going to learn these main subjects ;

Omron Plc Programming Basics

Sysmac Studio Software

Motion Control

NB-Designer Basics

CX-Programmer Software

CX-Designer Basics

Plc Programming Techniques

PART 1 : CX-One Introduction

PART 2 : CX-Programmer Basic Instructions

PART 3 : CX-Programmer FB & ST Language

PART 4 : CX-Designer Basics

PART 5 : NB-Designer Basics

PART 6 : CX-Configurator

PART 7 : Documentation and Examples

PART 8 : Sysmac Studio Introduction

PART 9 : Sysmac Studio Basic to Advanced

PART 10 : Special Data Types

PART 11 : Date & Time

PART 12 : ST Language

PART 13 : Motion Control


PART 15 : Questions of Students and Answers

PART 16 : Sysmac Examples and Files

As you can see above , this course includes almost everything about Omron Plcs.

Over 10 Hour video tutorial, you can find a lot of document and example about Omron Plc within this course.

You can see a full course link here ; Click Image

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Let’s look course explanation at udemy ;

Dear All ;

First of all , this course is going to be update always.This is really important.Please Keep following and learning always. 

With this course you will learn to omron plc programming with cx-programmer and sysmac studio software.

First part of this course includes CX-One and second part includes Sysmac Studio.

In this course, which we started from the basic and  you will be able to write code as professionally PLC programming from zero to advanced.

As an automation engineer, this course, where I transfer the experiences we have received from the machines, will give you great experiences.

I will answer your questions that you do not understand at any time and will be ready to assist you in the programs and projects that you are working on it.

As a course instructor, I will be constantly updating and will continue to explain until I am sure that you can do omron plc programming professionally.

With this course , you are all going to learn ;

– Omron plc programming basics

– Use of CX-Programmer software

– Omron plc command structures

– Omron plc programming techniques

– Omron HMI basics

– CX-One structure

– Sysmac studio basics

– Sysmac family

– Motion control

– Advanced programming skills

And you will learn many topics supported by examples.

Omron plc is important for me because it is a very powerful and useful plc and we will constantly work to be the best course in this field.

Never stop following and learning from this course.


Dear Students, if you want to learn Omron Plc Programming Basics as Completely and Professionally , you can check this course.

I can support you with lowest price coupons all time.

You can contact with us in Contact page.

As Derstagram Akademi , we have 8 course in Udemy.You can learn with us always.Just keep following and keep learning .

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