Industrial Automation and Electrical Board Basics with Plcs Course


What is an Industrial Automation ? How to build an electrical boards ? Where can we learn Industrial Automation ? How to learn as professionally electronics ? Can we draw electrical Scheme ? What is GMT Plc ? How to use Logic+ software ?

Industrial Automation and Electrical Board Basics with Plcs Course is seventh course in udemy as derstagram akademi.

Let’s check which subjects that we are going to learn in this course.


First off all , you are going to learn these main subjects ;

Industrial Automation Basics

Electronic Basics

Plc – Programmable Logic Controller Basics

Control Circuit Basics

Logic+ Plc Programming

EKTS Software

Industrial Automation Components

Asynchronous Motor Basics

Pneumatic Basics

GMT Plc Programming

FluidSim Software

PART 1 : Electronic Basics

PART 2 : Industrial Equipment

PART 3 : Asynchronous Motors

PART 4 : Questions and Answers

PART 5 : Electrical Board Basics to Advanced

PART 6 : Pneumatic

PART 7 : Plc Basics and Logic+ Software

PART 8 : GMT Plc Programming and Software

As you can see above , this course includes almost everything about Industrial Automation.

Over 6.5 Hour video tutorial, you can find a lot of document and example about Industrial Automation within this course.

You can see a full course link here;

Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation

Let’s look course explanation at udemy ;

Dear Students ; 

You are going to learn Industrial Automation Basics with this course.

As Derstagram Akademi , we decided to create this powerful and helpful course in udemy after 6 course.

You are going to learn electronic basics in the beginning.So you are going to understand what are basics of components and how to  control circuit algorithms.

Then you are going to learn industrial automation components and theirs usages.

And also you are going to learn pneumatic basics at the end of course.

With plc section you are going to learn plc basics also.

Plc – Programmable Logic Controller and it’s control basics are really important for all of us.

And at the end of course,  you are going to be able create powerful control algorithms and circuits for plcs.

If you want to create an electrical boxes powerfully and efficiently, you need to know which material that you need to use and also how to cabling these materials.

Also , you need to know how to give a power to them.

You can write a plc logic but you need to know that how this plc program controlling hardwares for machines.

You need to create a programs for equippments that you are using.

So, this course created for your needs in the automation field.

And this course created by us who preparing and finishing automation projects each time.

I mean , you can learn whole professional techniques from us with this course.

At the end of this course , you are going to get this talents ;

– Industrial Automation Basics

– Industrial Automation Components

– Electronic Basics

– Asynchronous Motors

– Plc Control Circuit Basics

– Pneumatic Basics

– Control Circuit Basics

– GMT Plc Programming Basics

– Logic+ Plc Programming Basics

– EKTS Software

– Electrical Boards

– FluidSim Software

And a little bit more ..

You need to keep following us and also you need to learn always from us.



Dear Students, if you want to learn Industrial Automation and Electrical Board Basics as Completely and Professionally , you can check this course.

I can support you with lowest price coupons all time.

You can contact with us in Contact page.

As Derstagram Akademi , we have 8 course in Udemy.You can learn with us always.

Just keep following and keep learning .

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