Eplan P8 2.7 Basics with Electrical Board Basics Course


How to use Eplan Electric P8 ? What is Eplan Electric P8 ? How to install Eplan ? How to learn Eplan P8 ? How to download Eplan ? How to draw electrical scheme with Eplan ? What is Eplan ?

Eplan P8 2.7 Basics with Electrical Board Basics is eighth course in Udemy as Derstagram Akademi.

Let’s check which subjects that we are going to learn in this course.


First off all , you are going to learn these main subjects ;

Eplan Electric P8 Basics

Eplan software

Electrical Board Equipments

Electrical Drawing Basics

Electrical Board Basics

Eplan Macros

PART 1 : Download Software

PART 2 : Electrical Board Equipment Basics

PART 3 : Introduction to Eplan Basics

PART 4 : Eplan Advanced

PART 5 : Downloads

As you can see above , this course includes almost everything about Eplan Electric P8.

Over 3 Hour video tutorial, you can find a lot of document and example about Eplan within this course.

You can see a full course link here ;

Eplan Electric

Let’s look course explanation at udemy ;

Dear Students ,

Welcome to our 8th course that we have published as the Derstagram Academy Family.

After plc programming , scada & C# , arduino and industrial automation courses , we knew that we need an electrical scheme software course.

As you know that , Eplan Electric Software is powerful , professional and also leader software about Electrical Scheme Drawing.

In this course,  we want to give basic details to complete electrical scheme easily.

Short definitions and easy to learn explanations are going to help you to understand how to use this software.

At the end of this course  , you are going to access eplan project examples.

Than you can check and also analyze this examples and you can improve yourself with this projects also.

Shortly, At the end of this course ;

You are going to learn ,

– Basic industrial automation components

– Electrical Board Design Basics

– Eplan P8 2.7 Electric Software

– Electrical Scheme Drawing

– Electrical Scheme Basics

If you want to start electrical scheme drawing today and as soon as possible , you are all welcome to course.

If you need an extra topic or question , you can contact with me directly with messages.

And also , if you need an extra software like cofaso , see electrical etc. , we can support this course with another softwares.

For us , main goal that you are all need to learn electrical drawing basics at the end of this course.

Another details can be handled with time.

Best Regards


Dear Students, if you want to learn Eplan Electric P8 Software Basics as Completely and Professionally , you can check this course.

I can support you with lowest price coupons all time.

You can contact with us in Contact page.

As Derstagram Akademi , we have 8 course in Udemy.

You can learn with us always.

Just keep following and keep learning .

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