Create a Scada with Csharp for Plcs


How to use Scada for plcs ? How to create a Scada with C# ? How to communicate plcs with C# ? How to use C# for industrial automation ? How to use c# and what is c# basics ? How to use Scada ?

Create your own scada for plc with c# language course is sixth course in Udemy as Derstagram Akademi.

Let’s check which subjects that we are going to learn in this course.


First off all , you are going to learn these main subjects ;


Delta Plc Modbus TCP/IP

Visual Studio Software

Delta Plc Basics

C# Language Basics

PART 1 : Introduction

PART 2 : C# Programming Basics with Visual Studio

PART 3 : Delta Plc Programming Basics

PART 4 : SCADA Application

PART 5 : Bonus

PART 6 : Images File Download

Over 2.5 Hour video tutorial, you can find a lot of document and example about scada within this course.

You can see a full course link here ; 

Let’s look course explanation at udemy ;

Dear Students;

In this tutorial, you will learn how you can create your own scada.

I used Delta AS series plc in this tutorial.

In the beginning, you will learn about delta plc programming.

You will see how you can read the data in the delta plc with your scada and how you can write data to the plc.

Next, you will learn the basics of the C # programming language.

And then you will see and learn the application that we created our own scadam with Visual Studio program.

In the meantime, you will learn to use the visual studio program in detail.

Mainly what you will learn in this course;

-Delta plc basics

– C # basics

– Visual studio basics

– C # <-> Plc communication

and you will learn a little more.

And also , I showed that how to connect to SQL server and how to save and read data to/from Sql.

Also you can see that how to send sql datas to excel.

This course, which is our 6th course as the Derstagram academy family, is a course based on teaching you your own scada professionally in a short and self-explanatory manner.

With this course, you will understand the logic of plc – c # communication and can use this program with other plcs.

Thus, you will be able to control PLCs on the computer.

On the other hand, you will be able to respond to the demands of your customers.

Best Regards


Dear Students, if you want to learn how to create your own scada as Completely and Professionally , you can check this course.

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You can contact with us in Contact page.

As Derstagram Akademi , we have 8 course in Udemy.You can learn with us always.Just keep following and keep learning.

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